The School is situated on a spacious campus having a lot of greenery and playgrounds for various games. The School is well furnished and adequately equipped to meet the academic standard and personal needs of children.

It also has spacious classrooms, activity rooms, Science Labs, Computer Labs and library. Besides, it provides all the modern facilities which include Generators, Water Coolers, and Transport Facilities etc.


Promotion to the next class will not be granted if the student fails in two subjects or more in the final examination


Inter school and School level competition in sports, the school regularly conducts debate, quiz, and drawing.


Prize/cups are given at the end of every year session for the following:
1. Best Student                                          2. Best Sportsman
3. General Proficiency (for all classes)    4. Neatness & Cleanliness.


1  A student can not avail leave for more than 2 days in month and 22 days in a year.
2  A student must complete 75% of the total attendance in the class otherwise his/her promotion may be upheld.
3  No Leave other medical leave is sanctioned during exams.
4  Fees are to be cleared before 15th of every month & late fine will be changed along with the fees after due date.
5  No exemption/education in fee will be made on account of broken period/holiday or absence from class.
6  Prior to summer & winter vacations, if fees is not paid before the last date as per notice, the name of the student will not be included in the attendance register on the commencement day of the school
7  No student will be allowed to appear for an examination unless all dues have been cleared.
8  Non payment of fee for 2 consecutive months will lead to automatic removal and cancellation of admission from the school No concession of same is allowed.   


1  Computer Education is compulsory for classes from Std. III to onwards.
2  A full fledged Computer Lab has been established with sufficient number of computer set & teacher to run the computer classes efficiently

1  The school provides facilities of transport at reasonable rates.
2  Withdrawal from conveyance facility must be preceded by a month’s notice in writing or month’s fee in leiu of notice.
3  Conveyance changes for vacations will not be charged (June).