Vision & Mission


To elevate SJRMV to become a preferred destination not only in the state of UP but also in whole of India and finally globally for high quality and value based  education. Where it will be part of education to foster in the students the ability to apply what they learn, believe in the life long learning and dedicate themselves to work for the common good.


Aim of the Smt. Janki Rampal Degree Colllege is to equip students with conceptual knowledge and functional skills required towards technology oriented world. The Smt. Janki Rampal Degree Colllege with its rich experience seek to integrate technical excellence and professional commitment wherein each individual must know how to reason, how to acquire and sort out information, how to imagine what can’t be seen, how to speak and write, how to translate knowledge into wise action and how to be both faithful and brave. The  Group intends to take on the challenge to craft an ambitious institute, which is prepared to undertake such ambition and goal with strength, self-awareness and confidence to transform millennium youth into effective global residents.